Casual Dating Sites
Casual Dating Sites

Without the occasional fling, life would just be boring, don’t you think? As much as we’d all like to think of ourselves as dignified people with manners, occasionally our primary instincts will just kick in. We’ll take home that hottie that we’ve only known for five minutes that we met in the bar. We’ll enjoy indulging in a spot of casual sex to see us through the in-between phases of relationships. In a word, casual dating is certainly a lot of fun.

You don’t need to go out every night, getting bladdered and meeting hot men and women in order to take part in casual dating. You can casually date the same person for years if you want. Just because you don’t work in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the great sex that you have together. It helps if you follow the rules though which brings us nicely to the point:

5 Simple Facts About Casual Dating!

 1. Think about casual dating as a ladder

It sounds pretty odd but when you think of a relationship as a ladder, with each rung being a new level to your relationship, it will start to make a bit more sense.

The bottom rungs of the ladder are when you first meet your potential new sex-partner. You want to keep your relationship at these levels as best as you can. As you move up the ladder, you start to evolve into a relationship. You have things like dinner dates and nights out, and perhaps them even being your plus-one at a social event.

This means that your friends and even your family might meet them. At this point, you’re moving up the relationship ladder and things only go further from there – you might start staying over more often at each other’s house, you might decide to move in together, you get engaged, buy a house, have kids, get married… You see what we mean about that ladder?

With casual dating, you want to keep things at the bottom of the ladder. You don’t want them to meet your family or friends, and there should be no talk of exes or sorrowful heart to hearts. Keep things fresh, simple and to the point.

2. Choose your location carefully

You might not think that your dates are that important but what you might not realise is that your dates might evolve you in the relationship more than you think. If he takes a girl to a romantic restaurant with candles and flowers, it would be hard not to get carried away by the situation. You might even be spotted by friends or work colleagues. Then comes the awkward questions – how long have you been dating? Why didn’t you tell anyone about it? Do you get what we mean?

Make sure that you keep your dates as non-date as you can. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice lunchtime coffee before you ravish each other in the bedroom, it just means that you might want to double think where you go!

3. Keep joint plans to a minimum

As much as you want to date and screw your casual partner, you might want to keep any joint plans aside from this to a bare minimum. As we’ve mentioned, people might see you and then you’d need to answer questions about the relationship. You can hardly turn around and say “Hi yes, we screw each other on Fridays and Sundays” – it’s not the sort of thing you can say to someone, is it?

The more joint plans you make, the higher the chances of moving into relationship territory. Stop it before it’s too late and you lose your great sex partner once and for all!

4. Try to avoid a ‘pattern’

Casual partners are great when you have a busy schedule but try to avoid turning your casual sex partner into a pattern. If you always invite them over on Fridays and Sundays and always in the evening, try to switch things up from time to time. What’s the point in having someone you can screw when you want to and then not call them up when you get horny on Saturday lunchtime?

The more a pattern you create, the higher the chances of it turning into a relationship.

5. Keep it light & breezy

The more focused you are on this, the bigger a deal it will become and once again, you’ll find yourself ‘in a relationship’. The whole idea of casual dating is to have fun so why not just let your hair down. Be light, by funny, be cool and above all else, keep things simple!