NSA Dating
NSA Dating

It’s hard work – adult dating. You know what you want. You want a girl that you can have for fun when you want her there. You don’t really want a relationship because you’re too busy and quite frankly, too selfish too. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish when you’re younger. Isn’t that the point of being young?

It might be time to start looking at how you’re trying to pick up these hot women that are going to be what you always dreamed of in the bedroom. Or on the couch. Or even in the car. How are you approaching them? How are you telling them what you want? Are you even going for the right girls?

There’s a few rules you should set yourself when you head out into the casual dating game. If you’re really up for the challenge, you need to be polite, courteous, and remember, no always means no…

Is she comfortable?

If you’ve cornered her in a busy club, there’s a good chance she’s glancing over your shoulder, looking for her friends, and signaling for help. Start off with some light comedy rather than the serious stuff. You don’t want to date her but you probably don’t want to scare her off either.

What are you complimenting?

If she’s a hot girl, she’s probably heard that she’s hot a thousand times. Every guy calls her hot. Why don’t you opt for a slightly different approach to lure this good-looking girl into your bed? Why don’t you compliment something else?

You know when you look over at a girl and you realise that you like something a bit odd about them. You might like the way that she nibbles on the nuts at the bar. You might like the way that her nose wrinkles when she giggles. You might like that goofy dance she does on the dance floor when she thinks that no one else is watching.

You want to go in with one of those compliments – a compliment that she probably hasn’t heard before. Girls like originality. They like romance too but to get the into bed, you need humour and originality. Give her something to remember.

Try not to talk too much.

When you’re nervous you talk crap, right? This is common and we all suffer with this condition which we shall call crapitis for the purposes of this blog post. If you talk about yourself too much, or even talk too much in general, the girls that you are trying to pull will think of you as dull and boring. Women like to be chased. You’re hardly doing all the chasing when you’re laying your entire life story on the table in front of her.

Ask what she wants.

It’s a line many men are afraid to tell but most girls would much prefer it if you were upfront right from the very start. You’ll get the crazy girls, of course; the ones that think they can ‘change’ you and mould you into their perfect man. If a girl isn’t interested in casual dating, she’ll walk away and you might get a drink thrown in your face every now and again. Every now and again, you’ll hit the jackpot.

Don’t be an idiot.

This should go without saying really bit sadly, many men don’t follow that advice. If you think that being rude and stupid to a girl is going to get you laid, you’re very much mistaken. Girls, regardless of what they might be looking for, are still girls and even though you can abuse her later in as much as you like, right now, in public, she just wants to be treated like a lady. Well… most of them.