No String Dating
No String Dating

With the rise of dating applications like Adult Dating Network, there has been a rise in casual dating. It’s more common to have a casual relationship to fulfill physical needs than it is to fulfill emotional ones. But, many people who start a casual relationship end up getting attached. Even when they don’t want to be. So, how can you avoid getting attached and just enjoy the sex We’ve got some tips that should help!

1. Pick Someone You Can’t See A Future With

There is no better way to choose a sexual partner than choosing one you can’t imagine waking up beside every day. You want to be physically attracted to the person, obviously. But, look for traits that might also drive you crazy. This prevents your heart from falling in love when you don’t want it to. It’s a constant reminder that it’s only temporary.

2. Avoid Acting Like A Couple

It seems fairly basic that you won’t hold hands while you’re walking down the street. You won’t kiss in public, or introduce each other to your closest friends. These are parts of a relationship that you know you can avoid. But what about spending the night together Or grabbing dinner before your night begins

These are also parts of a relationship that you may not realize are sending mixed signals to your brain. On one hand, you’re telling your brain you don’t want a relationship. On the other hand, you’re participating in activities that suggest emotional connectivity. The best way to avoid this is to install a no-date policy.

3. Remind Yourself That It’s Temporary

You do not want to fall in love. You are not interested in a relationship. You want to repeat these thoughts to yourself once a day. Or, at least every time you plan to see each other. But pay attention; If you find that you need to remind yourself all the time, you might want to evaluate why.

Sometimes, we fall in love without even noticing. By the time you realize you’re only convincing yourself you’re not interested, it’s likely too late. If you feel it’s starting to happen, take a step back.

4. Go A Little Bit Crazy

We all have a secret kink. Something that we wouldn’t want to share with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Either due to nerves or a fear of changing the dynamic of the relationship. A casual dating or no strings attached arrangement is the perfect time to let loose. It’s the perfect time to dig into that reservoir of fantasies and start acting them out. By getting a little crazy, you’re getting the experience as well as reminding yourself why you won’t fall in love. This keeps the relationship in the casual boundaries.

5. Make Yourself Comfortable, But Not Overly

With a casual dating relationship, it’s important to be comfortable inside of the bedroom. You need to establish your boundaries and discuss what you’re willing to try and what you aren’t. That’s a fairly obvious one. But your comfort should extend beyond the bedroom as well. You’re not dating, but there should still be an amount of respect given by and to you.

Casual dating doesn’t mean that you’re a walking sex-toy. If you feel used and discarded, it’s time to seek out another arrangement. You want to feel respected, even if your partner is undressing you with their eyes. This is as simple as showing up on time for an arrangement or not leaving immediately after the act.

6. It’s All About The Sex

Finally, the relationship is all about the sex. At the end of the day, you’re both it to have a good time. You’re looking for an animal attraction that peaks your sexual interests. A partner that stirs up your insides – in whatever ways you’re hoping for. That’s all. A good time with only a few minor boundaries. That’s what a casual dating relationship is all about. Embrace it.