Casual Relationships
Casual Relationships

You’re part of a culture that is learning the ideals of sexual freedom. A culture of people from all age groups who are looking to explore, without settling down. Some of this can be attributed to technology. The dating applications like Adult Dating Network certainly allow for easy-access to hookups and one-night stands.

Of course, casual dating is not for everyone. Many people find it too hard to get physical without emotional intimacy. But, you don’t really know how you’re going to react to a casual relationship until you’re in one. Our advice is; don’t knock it until you’ve tried it out for yourself.

Let’s share with you some reminders worth telling yourself!

1. This isn’t love, but I definitely love doing it – Reminding yourself that there are no emotions will help your brain establish a pattern. It’s only natural to develop feelings when you’re physically intimate with someone. But, remind your brain that it’s not your intention.

2. This crazy passion wouldn’t be the same if we were dating – this one is particularly helpful. If you’ve ever been physically intimate with someone before it became a relationship, you might have a feeling for this reminder. Sometimes, getting into a relationship with someone can make the sex feel, stale. So tell yourself that the reason it’s so much fun is because it’s casual.

3. This is a vacation from romantic responsibility, don’t cut it short! – Sex without intimacy is like taking a vacation. It’s supposed to be fun and completely care-free. Like those wild nights in Vegas. What happens there, stays there! Feel like what you do in a casual relationship, is separate from what you would do in a normal relationship. I’m a completely different person without the boundaries of the arrangement too. A person I wouldn’t be for someone I might have feelings for.

4. I don’t want the good or the bad, I want the dirty – The boundaries of your casual sex relationship should be seen as a safe place to try all kinds of things you wouldn’t think about trying. Make the sex a little more adventurous. Cross lines you wouldn’t normally cross. That’s still a part of the vacation mentality. But it’s a good way to prevent romantic feelings from developing. If I did some of these things with a romantic partner, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to look them in the eye afterwards.

5. I don’t see a future with this person because I only see them undressed – I refrain from casual relationships with people I find emotionally attractive. I choose partners who, if I were dating, would drive me crazy. I use the same frustrations in the bedroom, where it transfers into passion. But, I wouldn’t want to hold their hand and walk down the street. I definitely wouldn’t want my casual sex partners to meet my friends or family!

Again though, casual dating and NSA dating isn’t for everyone. If you feel you’re getting too attached, just get out of the arrangement or you’re going to end up hurt!

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