Hookup Sites
Hookup Sites

Come on girls – we’ve all thought about screwing our mates’ boyfriend, haven’t we? There’s always a hotter, cuter, taller, stronger, sexier guy than the one we are dating right now. You don’t like the way he laughs and you hate the way he always spends your friends money because he has none of his own but at the same time, you’d love to know what his hands could do to your nether regions later! You’ve always fantasised about what he could be like in bed… Do you have the minerals to put a plan into action?

This is how swinging starts, you see. You see someone that you lust after more than a handful of donuts, but they have a partner already. A few drinks later and you’re all naked in the living room – he’s deep inside you, and you’re finally touching the female form in all its glory for the first time in your life. Trust us – that’s exactly what happens.

You never know who might be into swinging. Most people don’t even realise that they like swinging until they give it a shot for themselves. It’s not the sort of thing that you plan usually; it just happens after a few drinks too many. It sounds pretty tempting though, doesn’t it?

It might sound seedy and desperate but in the right places and in the right circles, the realist is very different. You get to taste delights that you’ve never tasted before. You get to have sex with people that you never thought you’d be allowed to have sex with. You’ll broader your horizons and when it comes to sex, that’s never a bad thing.

It’s a hard concept to try and get your head around, that’s for sure. It’s something that you would normally associate with ‘past-it’ 50-year olds that need a way to spice up their sex life. The one thing you’ll notice when you first start out is that swinging is a little bit like a tube of Pringles – once you pop, you just can’t stop!

There’s a certain appeal to swinging, but you do need to be a certain type of person in order to make it work. You definitely can’t be a jealous person – do you really think you’d be able to look over and watch your guy balls-deep in another girl? You need to be a free-spirited kind of person, with an open mind and a good outlook on life. It’s one of those things that will either make or break a relationship and sadly, it does have a habit of breaking…

There are a few different ‘types’ of swinging; different levels, if you like? You don’t need to jump right into having full blown sex with a new partner. If it’s your first time, perhaps you just want to watch first? You might consider ‘soft-swapping’ where couples swap partners to kiss, grope and occasionally have oral sex with. There is no full sex. For a lot of swingers, this is the line for works for them.

Of course, you could always go as far as to do the ‘full-swap’ where you literally swap partners and anything goes. Rules must be agreed beforehand (anal sex, etc.) but there are no ‘adultery’ rules. You can screw and not get into trouble!

There are plenty of places that you can meet like-minded adult swingers just like yourself… Nightclubs are a great place to start as we all know that alcohol helps to lower your inhibitions. Most alcohol-based social events will work as a way to ‘feel out’ those that have the same outlook as you.

You could always try one of the best adult dating websites out there, designed to help you find similar folks too. One thing we will guarantee you is that you are definitely not alone in wanting to give it a shot!