Adult Personals
Adult Personals

Extra marital affairs bring with them a pretty bad name to be fair, but the fact of the matter is this – not all affairs are ‘bad’ affairs. Some relationships are made stronger with adultery. Believe it or not, there are people out there that have successfully gotten through that ‘rough’ patch in their marriage, and go on to lead happily married lives. One thing is for certain however – if you’re looking for an extra marital affair, there’s a good chance that something is missing from your current relationship.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the idea of having an affair…. Most people think of it as a bad thing. The person having the affair is responsible for a whole wealth or hurt and pain, and generally, one sex is apparently worse than the other. Thankfully, we shall bust right through those myths right now.

Only Men Have Affairs

This is total crap. Women have just as many affairs as men… perhaps the girls are just smarter and don’t get caught! 😉 Men are often considered to be the worst of the two sexes for playing around outside the marital home, but this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones doing it. Just ask any married woman you know whether or not they’ve thought about it and more often than not, they can at least say they’ve thought about it!

Affairs Only Happen In Unhappy Marriages

Once again, this is total crap. Sometimes there is something missing from within a marriage to cause an affair to take place. The husband may not be happy with the amount of sex he is having. This doesn’t mean that he is unhappy with the rest of the relationship, it just means he’s not getting enough attention. At the same time, the wife might not feel that she is getting enough attention from her husband because he works a lot of hours. She knows full well that he needs to work these hours in order to provide for the family. Rather than getting on his case and pressuring him to spend more time at home, she looks for the affection elsewhere…. Is that really so bad?

It’s All Down To Sexual Attraction

Although most affairs are considered to be just a sex thing, as we’ve already discovered, there are a number of reasons why one partner may choose to look elsewhere. It could be affection, it could be sex, it could be cosy nights in bed when one half of the marriage works away a lot. It’s not just a case of bumping into someone in a bar one night and ending up in bed with them, although that does happen too!

It Will Ruin Your Relationship

It doesn’t need to ruin your relationship. Let’s say that we are looking at the wife that is looking elsewhere for a bit of affection. Once she gets what she wants and her husband stops working quite so many hours, she can end the affair. Her husband is none the wiser and she is much happier. Technically, this can only make the relationship better, right?

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