Adult Contacts
Adult Contacts

You meet a hot girl in a dark bar and you offer to buy her a drink. She politely accepts and before you know it, you’re both drunk and heading back to your crib in a cab. It’s time to get your moves on, my friend. She might just be a one night stand to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock her world while you’re there. You just need to know the tricks of the trade, that’s all.

Go for the girl that’s wearing the least clothing that you can bare.

We aren’t saying that you need to take home the girl minus her pants in a mini skirt slumped over a chair in the corner of the club, commit in her hair and mascara running down her cheeks. No, no. But scientists have shown that girls tend to wear fewer clothes whilst out hunting for a man. It’s the equivalent of a cat or dog in heat – her hormones are racing and something is telling her to put on that little black dress… When she’s ovulating, her hormones want her to have sex so she’ll be rampant once the lights get turned out.

Consider the older ones.

Older ladies are more relaxed and laid back and chances are, if she’s in the same club as you are tonight, there’s a good chance she’s looking for a one night stand. Why not consider taking an older woman home to your bed? She’s experienced, she’s been around the block more than a few times, and she might even blow your mind. You never know, you might even learn something out of it too when it comes to pleasuring a woman!

Buy the whole round.

If you’re going to buy her a drink and she’s in a group of friends, buy them all a drink. You’re buttering them up here – do you really think her savage girlfriends are going to let her go home with just about anyone? Oh no… you’re going to need to win these girls over before your prey leaves with you tonight. Splashing your cash around might just be the one thing here – who cares how much it cares, buy the whole group of girls a drink.

Be confident.

If you falter, she’s going to walk away. That’s pretty much all there is to it really. There are some hidden gem girls out there that love the geeky, clumsy guys but honestly, most of them are looking for the guys with the ripped muscles, covered in tattoos. That’s what you think, right?

If you’re confident about the way you look, she won’t care what you look like. Even the hottest guys in the world get rejected because their personality sucked. If you’re confident about the way you hold yourself, she’ll see the confidence in you. Even pretend confident works! Follow these tips for perfect one night stands! Follow these tips for perfect one night stands!